Carseat Cover Updated

A few years ago, a good friend taught me that you don’t always need a pattern to sew cool stuff. She told me she’d take old shirts apart and use the pieces for creating new patterns–I’ve tried this, by the way, and it works wonderfully.

Well, the first time I put this principle to the test, I thought I’d try updating the cover on my son’s old infant car seat. I was motivated to try because the car seat was a hand-me-down, and the fabric was an old plaid which had become faded and stained over the years.

I wish I had taken photos back then of the process, but here’s what I did:

1. Rip the old stitches out, keeping track of what pieces connect to each other

2. Trace the pieces on the new fabric

3. Sew the pieces back together.

I used the old batting because it was still intact and not stained somehow.

Here’s the final product. Cute fabric, don’t you think? I thought it worked well for either a boy or girl.

The most difficult part was the canopy.

I think I screwed up a few times, but with all my sewing projects, it seems I have to make mistakes before I can learn.

Well, he liked it anyway.

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