Easy Fishing Poles

We visited an old family friend last weekend and went camping at Joe’s Valley Reservoir in Utah. It was a long drive, but worth it. We camped about 10 minutes away from the reservoir and then just drove in for fishing in the morning.

My kids love camping, and we couldn’t have had better company or a better location. Our campsite was only a 10 minute drive from this reservoir. Notice there’s only one other person there. I loved that it wasn’t a crowded camping/fishing experience.

Andre kept asking me for a fishing pole, but we couldn’t afford to buy one for each of us, so I made made one out of the dried up reeds I found around our campground.

Advantages to making your own:

You won’t have to worry about when it breaks
You can make it small enough for your toddlers to handle
It’s free!

Interested in making one for yourself?

Simply strip the bark off the sticks so your kid won’t get slivers.

Cut a small groove close to the end of the stick to tie your fishing line around. If you can spare a weight for your line, it will make the kids feel like they’re really fishing.

That’s all there is to it. Now watch as the kids have fun trying to catch something.

…Or as they try to till the ground like Andre did.

Happy fishing!

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