Easy Robot Costume

This wasn’t my first robot costume. Recognize this guy?

I wonder if you could recognize him without his rusty skin

This next robot is more of a classic.

And it couldn’t be simpler to make.

I used an empty diaper box

Be sure to turn it inside out and tape it shut again.

Trim off the bottom flaps and save them for later.

Cut out holes for the head and arms, and try it on for size.

Spray paint the body

While you wait for the paint to dry, get creative with your control deck. This is the fun part. You really can’t go wrong.

I just cut some simple shapes from the scraps I’d cut off earlier.

And made some colorful graphics in adobe illustrator.

Simple as that.

You can accessorize your robot costume with a NASA astronaut helmet…or any kind of helmet. We added the red eyes, which we cut out of red vinyl.

I love easy projects.

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