Paper Roll Flowers

How many crafts have you made from toilet paper rolls?

Have you ever tried this?

Such a cute banner made from such a common household item.

Just flatten the roll and measure and cut every 1/4 inch.

Glue them together.

And paint!

If I did it again, I might try spray paint. I originally went with this old acrylic paint I had because I wanted to try making two-tone flowers, like this:

I had but I ended up painting over it. I liked the solid color better.

Of course you can get the kids involved.

Once your flowers are dry, thread a string through the petals and hang them up for a party.

I was curious to see what other crafts are done with toilet paper rolls. Sure enough, I’m not as original as I think I am. These people have come up with the same idea. These flowers are more full, which I think looks cute.

These reminded me of the good ol’ days of elementary school.

These were especially awesome. Something to aspire to.

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